Stop Azure Backup for multiple SQL on Azure VM Databases with Powershell

link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/backup/backup-azure-sql-automation#stop-protection I had a case where I did need to migrate a lot of databases from one SQL Server on a Azure VM to another VM. After the successful migration there were a lot of old databases on the “old SQL Server” offline and I got a lot of Azure Backup Alerts. Because I was to lazy to disable the backup for each database by hand, I created the following small script which will do that job.

Azure - Create a Custom RBAC Role to allow Stop - Start of all Azure Virtual Machines in a Subscription with Terraform

Yes… its annoying there is no built in role to only allow restarting of Azure Virtual Machines… The Virtual Machine Contributor Role allows to much. With this role you are able to destory and create VMs.. So what I want to do in this case is creating a custom role which only allows to start / stop / restart Virtual Machines. And I want to do that with terraform because I’m doing the whole Azure Resource Deployment with terraform anyway.